2012 Year In Review

2012 – Year In Review

2012 has been good to us.

In the winter, we finished mixing our album with Jackson Long at Hear Me Shimmer Studios and our own Jeff Forrest and finished mastering the album with Blake Bickel at Dynamic Sound Service. After that, we released our first full length album in the spring through the label Translinguistic Other. We now have copies available on cassette tape (with digital download), on vinyl (with digital download), and through various digital distribution sites (e.g., bandcamp). In addition, we should have the album available on itunes, spotify, etc. soon. Many thanks to all those involved in getting the album out there.Along these lines, we’d like to especially thank our pals at Spin Cycle for supporting us by selling our vinyl, cassettes, and hosting a vinyl release in-store. If you haven’t been by Spin Cycle, check it out; they have some great records, and those guys rule.

Since the release, our album has received some positive reviews (e.g., Foxy Digitalis), and for that, we are quite excited (i.e., we are glad that other people are digging it). The album was listed as an honorable mention in Brian Cook’s best albums of 2012 in the Stranger’s Line Out and was included in Redefine Magazines top 20 mind-bending albums of 2012. In a review by the Independent (Missoula, Mt newspaper), a reviewer stated, “The quintet’s eponymous full-length debut sounds like the score to a Cormac McCarthy novel made into a blood-soaked, sepia-toned Western.”

In addition to releasing our album, we have had the opportunity to play some shows with some pretty amazing bands. For example, we’ve played with some old friends such as Midday Veil, The Luna Moth, This Blinding Light, Wow and Flutter, and Steradian as well as with some bands that are new to us such as Pontiak, Slowbird, and Kingdom of the Holy Suns.

What is definitely most exciting for us about this year is all the support that we’ve received from fans! It has really been awesome to see so many people come out to shows, to have people buy our album and talk about it, and to show some love on social media. If you’ve supported us in any of those ways, thanks!

As 2013 is fast approaching, we have several things lined up for the first part of the year. First off, we’ll be offering our full-length album for free for a limited time on our bandcamp. So if you purchased a copy of the vinyl before we had download cards, want a digital copy of the album or know someone who does, etc., now is the time. It will be available from January 1st through the 3rd.

Second, we’ll be playing our first show of the year on January 31st at the Sunset Tavern with our friends from Portland, Wow and Flutter. In addition, we have several other shows in the works for the winter/spring both in Seattle and surrounding areas (e.g., Portland, Bellingham) so be on the lookout for those dates.

Finally, we are going to be releasing an EP in the Winter/Spring. A couple of these songs we’ve played live, but we’re excited to have these available relatively soon. In that same vein, we are planning to head back into the studio this winter to begin recording another full length.

Once again, thanks for all the support this year.

Check us out at the following:

Website: http://www.scripturesmusic.com

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